Peli Air – Up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases

Since 1976, Peli makes the toughest, watertight, dust-proof and chemical-resistant protective cases around. Peli air cases are up to 40 percent lighter than other polymer cases. Built for professionals who like to travel with lightweight cases, Peli air cases are remarkably innovative high performance cases that can stand the toughest of conditions.

Each Peli air case undergoes the following tests for toughness and resilience:

  • Loaded and drop-tested on all sides and corners from a height of six feet on a concrete surface
  • Submerged at a depth of one meter for a duration of 20 minutes
  • All the wheels are rolled-tested for 914 meters on a hard surface
  • A steel dart weighing 12.7 kg is dropped at high speed from a height of one meter on all sides of the case

Interiors of Peli air cases are available in four configurations: Empty (no foam), Pick N’ Pluck™, TrekPak™ and Padded Dividers. You can also order a customised foam insert built to your specifications at High Performance Cases. High Performance Cases’s custom foam inserts provide full protection for your equipment and ensure convenient transportation.