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We Design, Build, and Test hard sided case solution

High Performance Cases offers a worldwide design and manufacturing service for high-performance, ruggedised cases and racks used in transport, operation and storage of essential equipment for commercial and military applications. Flightcases Pro Custom offers complete customised, professional protection for your equipment. We utilise the very latest materials and cutting-edge technology to design and build a custom solution that’s tailored specifically to your needs. When it comes to flightcases, everyone’s needs are different. You might be looking to transport your equipment on a daily basis, in which case a telescopic handle and wheels would be a wise choice. On the other hand, it might be that your equipment will spend most of its time in storage, and a stackable trunk solution would be better.

High qualitity materials

High-quality materials are used throughout the construction of all of our Flight Cases and products. The majority of Flight Cases are constructed using birch plywood, plastic or composite from renewable sources. Exterior covering is by means of a wide variety of materials including coloured High Pressure Laminates (HPL), aluminium stucco panels and extruded vinyl sheets, all of which are bonded in-house using water-based adhesives and a heated press system.

Please contact our sales department for further information or a quotation. Emails can be sent to: info@profortius.com

You can contact our customer service for Germany – +49 1522 4076878 | for Austria – +43 664 1662843 | for all other countries please call +4366473149608.

Types of Cases

Our Flightcases are designed in such a way that you can freely choose the length, width and height of your case. You can even choose the height of the lid. The modular construction used by High Performance Cases makes this possible. We provide many choices when it comes to price and case type. We can make full blown ATA Flightcases with all the bells and whistles, multi-color choices, the works!

Making high-end Flightcases is a passion of ours and we love to show them off, but we realise not everyone needs this type of case. If your situation doesn’t require a “battle worthy” case, we offer different design levels that will meet your particular need and budget..

Foam Case Inserts – Ultimate product protection

Are you experiencing a high or unacceptable level of damages to your items during transit? If your answer is yes, then your business should take advantage of custom designed foam case inserts. Utilising the latest software and performance calculations, custom case inserts can offer a precise level of protection. Inserts for cases that offer calculated cushion protection Plastazote, the foam material provides both superb cushioning and presentation. It is well known for being lightweight, tough, flexible, moisture resistant, chemically inert and resistant to oils, solvents, dilute acids and UV light. It is also available in a large range of colours, offering further customisation options. Specialist foams, such as conductive, static dissipative and high density are all available in the range..